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I was so lucky to get to spend a full day getting pampered and having a hair makeover at the incredible hair salon Circles Of Subiaco located in Perth, Western Australia. I had so much fun being sat in that chair chatting away with all the great hair stylists while they were performing their magic. Not only did we speak about girly stuff but I got some really good tips about how to keep my hair in top condition. What to do, what not to do and what products would work the best for my hair. I really learnt a lot from all the talented ‘hair magicians’ at Circles Of Subiaco.

My embarrassing ‘before’ picture.. 🙊 My hair was in such a bad condition after being away on our travels!

How cool is the art in this salon though?!

A million foil packets.. 😜

Coffee and a quick read in Elle while I wait for my colour.

Yay long hair!

Ditched another coffee for some bubbly to celebrate my new stunning long hair! Haha


I had a full colour, smart bond treatment, toner and a full head of Showpony tape hair extensions. I spent 5 hours in the chair, my hair was in a very bad state after traveling and being in the sun/sea for the last couple of months.



I just can’t believe how amazing my hair feels and looks after my visit to Circles Of Subiaco.

I am overjoyed and couldn’t be happier with the result. Honestly if you are ever in Perth and in need of getting your hair done ladies, visit – CIRCLES OF SUBIACO!!

Special thanks go to Sharlene for having me in to her stunning salon and for recommending amazing products to me that have changed my hair for the better over only a short period of time. Lots of love to all of you guys at Circles Of Subiaco.

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Xoxo, Zhara

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