Whilst in The Canary Islands, we were cruising around with Jeep Canarias.

IMG_0039While on the island of Fuerteventura we had this amazing black Jeep Cherokee..

And when we arrived to Gran Canaria, this blue Jeep Renegade beauty was waiting for us at the airport!

The super professional service and first class communication were big factors in me being able to highly recommend anyone who visits the Canary Islands to rent a car from Jeep Canarias. There’s no better way to explore the beauty of the islands than just renting a car and hitting the road yourself.

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A Culinary Experience..

Photo by: Carlos San Juan

We enjoyed a delicious five course meal at Gorbea Restaurant at Gloria Palace San Agustín Thalasso & Hotel in Gran Canaria. The restaurant, which is located on the 9th and top floor of the hotel, has a fantastic viewpoint overlooking the coastline & beach of San Agustín and the stunning dunes of Maspalomas. The restaurant isn’t only for hotel guests, every food lover can visit this incredible restaurant. I highly recommend everyone to visit there when in Gran Canaria! Not only does the Gorbea Restaurant have stunning views in a luxurious setting, but the food was honestly out of this world. Every dish was presented beautifully too with the creative set up of each plate being magnificent.

Just reading the menu made my mouth water!

IMG_8923The aperitif of the night was lightly fried cheese on a bed of lovely jam topped with fresh cress. Very tasty! “Can I have another?!”

I am not kidding you when I say, that this is the best Gazpacho I’ve ever had. I have tried this dish in many different restaurants – but this is the winner! This mango and seaweed caviar Gazpacho was packed with flavour. YUM!

Now the chef truly impressed me with this.. Garlic Shrimps with Cuttlefish noodles is ‘right up my street’, I love seafood! It was so delicious that I just had to dip my bread in the fantastic sauce that was left at the bottom of my plate! Classy 😉

As nice as the previous dish was, the next was better… Mushroom risotto with crunchy parmesan and asparagus. I enjoyed every last bite of this dish, even though at this point I had started to become full. I couldn’t leave a crumb behind on every single one of the plates so far. The food was simply too good!

I’m not a big meat lover but every time I visit the Canary Islands, I make sure that I get to eat Pluma Ibérica Pork at least once. I just love this beautiful grilled pork. With the sweet but spiced barbecue sauce, vegetables and rosemary potatoe, this fine piece of pork went down quickly. Although not as quickly as Ben’s! #MeatLover. Again, nothing on this plate went to waste either, and trust me I was super full at this point. Combining the food with some very good red wine, the flavours coming from this dish were hard to explain. Gastronomical delight is what springs to mind! Up there with ALL we have eaten over the last year or so..

Time for dessert.. I don’t really have much to say to describe what I thought of this dessert. Other than – I was in heaven. Hemispherical Mousse of black chocholate served with a white hot chocolate sauce.. It was very rich but wow, it was beautiful. It tasted as good as it looks on the photos, if not even better. I love EVERYTHING chocolate, so the mix with white and dark made it perfect for me.

image-14Photo by: Carlos San Juan

After the meal I got the chance to meet the chef, Carmelo Monzón. And wow did I compliment him for his amazing 5 course meal creation. You can tell that Carmelo loves what he does and puts his heart & soul into the food. I’ve eaten in many top restaurants all over the world but this has been one of the best culinary experiences I’ve ever had. All thanks to the creativity, talent, fresh ingredients and the love that was put into every plate placed in front of me. Thank you Carmelo and the rest of the super professional and kind staff at Restaurant Gorbea for making our night a special one.

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Spa Time!


Enjoyed a couple of hours of relaxation here at Gloria Palace San Agustín Thalasso & Hotel.. It was so so nice. Did you know that it’s the largest thalassotherapy centre in Europe! We spent most of the time relaxing in the ‘Get in Shape Pool’. It’s the centre’s star treatment! It is a seawater space heated to 33-34ºC with multiple hydromassage stations. It was pure bliss! I actually couldn’t get myself out and my fingers and toes were completely wrinkled haha!

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 16.10.39
The Get In Shape Pool.


You can also choose to have a complete relaxing or a therapeutic body massage… I will have one of those next time, I’ve heard the massages are supposed to be sublime at the Thalasso!

Xoxo, Zhara


A warm welcome..


What a lovely welcome gift we received when we checked into Gloria Palace San Agustín Thalasso & Hotel! Thank you so much, it truly put a smile on our face’s!

I’m so happy to have checked into this hotel. I’ve heard only good things about this place. I’m
excited to visit the Thalasso spa, I’ve heard it’s incredible.


Look at the beautiful view from our room.. Speechless!

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Dinner @ Barcelo Castillo Royal Level


We enjoyed delicious dinners at Barcelo Castillo Royal Level during the stay… A few nice glasses of wine too of course.. Haha 😉 The buffet food, made up of mainly seafood dishes, that we had on the first night (the pic above) was incredible. Tops! There was so many options to choose from. Lots of different meats, fish & seafood, salad options, breads, desserts, you name it! Almost anything you could want was there. Actually getting hungry just thinking about it now…

Xoxo, Zhara


A walk around the Barcelo Resort..



I just couldn’t grasp how amazing Barcelo Castillo Royal Level Resort was! Looking back at the photos from last week makes me want to be back there again so badly.. Literally everything you need in one resort is there including several restaurants, bars and a spa! I just love that place..

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 15.01.25Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 15.01.00

After a nice walk around and a quick dip in the pool we decided to enjoy some lunch at the Barcelo pizzeria. My choice was a cheese and avocado salad which was delicious, and Ben & Carlos had pizza as you can see…




Xoxo, Zhara


Barcelo Castillo Royal Level


As most of you may have seen on my Instagram and Facebook pages, I’ve been staying on the beautiful island of Fuertuventura in the Canary Islands. The last couple of days have been incredible at the stunning Barcelo Castillo Royal Level Resort! I’ve had photoshoot’s with designer & photographer Carlos San Juan showing off his incredible swimwear and also did a spot of relaxing at the Barcelo resort after a lot of exploring around the island. So much fun!


We enjoyed 3 incredible nights staying in the Club Premium area at Barcelo Castillo Royal Level Resort. The room we had, had an outdoor jacuzzi with amazing views of the beach nearby. I was overjoyed when I realised I’d be spending many hours relaxing in a outdoor bubble bath taking in the glorious scenery around us!



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Arm Candy..


I am so in love with my new watch! I am quite obsessed with nice watches so when I got this little beauty for Christmas I was over joyed. Love the rose gold details! 😍

What do you think? ☺️✨

Xoxo, Zhara


Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 18.30.34


Yaaaay!! My hair appointment is booked for this coming Thursday at X Factor Hair Extensions🙋🏼 The amazing guys there always leave my hair looking and feeling totally flawless! I love the guys there that much, it’s come to the point now that I can’t dare to let anyone else touch my hair…For real! I drive 2 hours to get to their salon and have my hair done by them. Only that speaks for itself…Lol!


I will never use any other clip in’s or instalocks again. Better quality than the X Factor Clip In Extensions, simply cannot be found!


These were the results after my last visit there. Roll on Thursday…I can’t wait to have big curls again! 😍 Love Love Love!

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Winter Wonderland.. 💫


The weather here in the UK is nowhere near as cold as it was back home in Sweden last week! I can’t say I miss the cold, but what I do miss, are the magical snowy winter walks. I haven’t spent winter at home for a few years, so this time going back really opened my eyes again as to how beautiful Sweden really is in wintertime! ❄️

Playing outside in the snow with my niece and nephew..


As most of you will know, I’m from a small town in the north of the country.. Some winter’s, the temperature can get as cold as -30c degrees! If you’re lucky, those are the nights when you can see the incredible beauty that is the Northern Lights.


There’s no place like home.. ❤️

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