Norway 🇳🇴


As most of you who follow me on my social media channels will have seen, I have spent the last two weeks traveling around Norway. It has been a truly amazing two weeks visiting my neighbouring Scandinavian country…


The most memorable couple of days were in Geiranger. We visited a viewpoint that overlooked the stunning Geirangerfjord. We also took the ferry through the fjord which left us actually speechless. On the hour long ferry, we saw beautiful waterfalls including the famous ‘Seven Sisters’ and incredibly high mountains that surround the fjord. A trip to Geirangerfjord is something I would recommend anyone/everyone to do! 😍😍😍

The beautiful Seven Sisters waterfall.


I’m a bit angry with myself that I’ve waited so long to visit Norway’s west coast. Better late than never though hey?! I don’t think it will be too long until we are back. Yesterday we arrived in Denmark which is a place we have been very excited for, for a long time! It was about 8 years ago since I last visited Copenhagen and it is Ben’s first time. Anyway, better be off. I can smell that Danish pastry. Did somebody say Breakfast….?! 🙊

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Rusty specs.. 😎

Loving my new sunglasses from Rusty Specs! 😍  Their primary goal is to create the most unique sunglasses on the market that has little or no impact on the environment. By restoring beautiful metals from the city of Umeå, they don’t only make our planet greener but also enhance a feeling of the urban lifestyle that they represent

Make sure you check their Instagram out for some cool pictures 👉🏼 😎

Click HERE to come to their official website to check out some more of their unique sunglasses.. 
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Gröna Lund Themepark.. 


Had a fun day at Gröna Lund here in Stockholm.. It is on the seaward side of Djurgården Island. It is relatively small compared to other amusement parks, mainly because of its central location, which limits expansion. But it’s still a beautiful place and has plenty of fun and terrifying rides. Definitely worth going, we had a blast!

We took the boat from the marina straight to the theme park. 🍭🍦

Our friends came over for a couple of days visit. It was so good to see them since they live in New Zealand and we haven’t seen them for about a year! 💕 💕 💕

Didn’t dare to go on this massive swing ride. That swing is a little bit too high for my liking… 😂 I can stand at the top of a Dubai skyscraper but I just simply can’t see myself hang in a 26 foot long chain, 400 feet up, going round and round with an impressive speed of 43 miles per hour… But I bet you’ll get a stunning view while you soar high above Stockholm. The ride is called Eclipse and it’s one of the newest attractions at Gröna Lund. 😄


Falafel break…! 😍
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A walk around Stockholm’s Old Town… 😍


Almost everyday being here we’ve been walking around Stockholm’s Old Town.. We both have come to fallen in love with the narrow streets & stunning buildings. 😍


The small streets and alleys around Old Town (Gamla Stan) can be very crowded during the summer since it’s a very popular tourist area. I’d say head out in the early mornings or late afternoon to try and avoid the big tour-guided groups.

Coffee break! 😄

It’s not just souvenir shops, the down streets and alleys are filled with cool bars and cafés! There’s a lot of amazing restaurants too, Italian, french, British, of course Swedish and many more. So there is a lot of options.


We decided to go to a Swedish resturang and had the most Swedish thing you could find on the menu.. A amazing Skagen Toast. It’s crayfish (sometimes prawns) in a creamy mixture with dill and topped with caviar. My favourite! 😍

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Stockholm calling… 📞 Arrived in Stockholm on Monday.. Absolutely love the capital of my home country.. ❤️ Just can’t get enough of the stunning cobbled streets of the Old Town […]


I just made some home made chocolate dipped muffins with strawberries.. They turned out absolutely amazing! So I just have to share the recipe with you guys and they are so easy to make! 😋






Hope you liked it!  😇😋

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Missing the girls..


Right now as most of you know we are in Sweden visiting my family. We’ve had three wonderful weeks here already. I do feel lucky to be able to travel for a living and to get to see the world, but I do really miss my friends in England. One of my best friends (which also is my sister in law – I know weird right lol) is pregnant and I feel bad for missing out on her first pregnancy. She keeps sending me photos of the bump though and is keeping me updated so I do feel close even though I’m hundreds of miles away.


Won’t be long now until I get to see them again and luckily enough we live in the generation of iphones and FaceTime… 😜


Xoxo, Zhara


Puppy Cuddles..


My sisters friend has the cutest little puppy I’ve ever seen! I’ve never seen a little Dalmatian pup before so I was so overwhelmed by her cuteness! 😍


Her name is Selma, such a little cutie! 😄


Once we stop traveling the world and get a big house we will fill it with cute dogs and one of them will most probably be a Dalmatian.. I mean – look at her little face!

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Home.. 🇸🇪❤️

I haven’t updated here in quite a while.. My life has been pretty hectic lately. As most of you who follow me on social media knows, me and my boyfriend have traveled from England to Sweden by car. It was so much fun! But I’m super excited for when we are traveling back to England since we will be stopping at many more places in Europe.. Can’t wait for Prague!  

We will stay for two months in my home town in Sweden with my family. It feels amazing to spend time with them all, it was more than a year ago since I saw them last.

It feels good to be home.. ❤️

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Yesterday was spent outside in the beautiful weather here in England.. ☀️ And the night has been filled with Swedish picking food and a big meatball dinner that I made.. 😄  

It was a really nice day spent with my English family.. ❤️❤️
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